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3 juillet 2018

Des photos d’albatros d’Amsterdam exposées à San Francisco

Avec ses photos d’albatros d’Amsterdam, Isabelle Jouvie, ancienne hivernante physico-chimiste sur l’île Amsterdam (2015-2016), a remporté un prix au concours international de photographie Nature « BigPicture » organisé par l’Académie des sciences de Californie. L’inauguration de l’exposition et la remise des prix auront lieu le 26 juillet 2018 à l’Académie des sciences à San Francisco.

Dans la catégorie série-photos « Time capsule », les 5 photos de l’albatros d’Amsterdam soumises par Isabelle Jouvie ont retenu l’attention du jury et obtenu la 1ère place.

“With the world changing so rapidly, what natural world images would you put into your time capsule ? This year’s photo series chronicles epic moments, growth, or change over time in the natural world. Photos can showcase the process of saving an endangered animal, the movements of ice, snow and water, or the drama of seasons, migrations, and phenomena in the sky.”

La série-photos de l’ancienne hivernante dévoile différents tableaux de l’albatros d’Amsterdam, oiseau endémique de l’île Amsterdam classé en danger critique d’extinction par l’UICN (Union internationale pour la conservation de la nature). Bien qu’en progression, la population d’albatros d’Amsterdam reste à des niveaux très bas avec seulement 30 à 40 couples reproducteurs chaque année sur l’île. Afin de préserver cette espèce, la réserve naturelle nationale des Terres australes françaises met en œuvre depuis 2011 un Plan national d’actions en faveur de l’albatros d’Amsterdam.

Time capsule of the rarest seabird on Earth.
Amsterdam Albatross, a critically endangered species.

JPEG - 127.9 ko
#1 "Adult" : Amsterdam Albatrosses keep the same breeding partner during their whole lives (and they can live for over 50 years !). They meet on the plateau every two years (in the meantime they are wandering alone above the oceans) and each time they meet again they dance to seduce each other all over again. Here is a female brooding while its partner is fishing. This mother was born in the 2000’ and gave birth to 3 chicks since then : in 2013, 2016 and 2018. They all share the same dad !
JPEG - 112.5 ko
#2 "Ornithologist" : Marine was running the ornithology program during 14 months on Amsterdam Island. Census of the population, of the nests, of the chicks, identification of each bird with its numbered leg bands, bird banding on unringed specimens, all of this trying to disturb and approach them as less as she could. Albatrosses are not afraid of Humans here. They have never really known us.
JPEG - 123.2 ko
#3 "Parent" : How precious is it to witness the spread of life of a critically endangered species ?
JPEG - 136.8 ko
#4 "Chick" : This one year old chick is already a huge bird. It is even bigger than its parents because it spent its first year waiting on its nest while both parents were going fishing to nourish it. You can see the last feathers of its white fuzz on its neck. Its now dark adult feathers are going to turn whiter and whiter as it gets old.
Soon this albatross is going to fly for the first time, after a long series of failed attempts (not an easy thing to take off with a huge belly and cumbersome wings).
JPEG - 110.1 ko
#5 "Survival" : Witnessing an Amsterdam Albatross’ flight is a rare thing : the already small population is most of the time at sea. They can weigh up to 8kg and have wingspans as large as 3.4m. It is more than impressive. May them survive on this evolving planet and stay the kings of the ocean skies.

Les photos des lauréats du concours seront exposées à San Francisco de juillet à octobre 2018 à l’Académie des sciences de Californie. Organisée chaque année, l’exposition du concours célèbre la richesse de la biodiversité et appelle à sa protection.

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